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Create my account

After selection of the account inĀ you will be redirected to create the selected account. Write your email, name, password…and good to go!

Create Teams

How to create a new team following that video in our FAQS playlist-CreateTeam

Create Players

How to create a new player following that video in our FAQS playlist-CreatePlayer

Create Multiple Teams

How to create multiple teams in one time in our FAQS playlist-UploadMultiple

Add Picture to Player

How to add a new picture to a player following that video in our FAQS playlist-AddPicture

New Game

How to create a new game following this video in our FAQS playlist-NewGame


How Register any Event in

Who has the ball? This is the team that you need to register! Just this rule! Following our next video in FAQS playlist-RegistrationEvent

Change Offense / Defense

How to create a new game following this video in our FAQS playlist-Changes

Register a Goal

How to register a new GOAL (place on the goal and position on the field) in this video in our FAQS playlist-GoalPositions

Change Goalkeeper / 7vs6

How to change the goalkeeper on the following video in our FAQS playlist-7vs6

2 minutes suspension

How to register a 2 min suspension, REMEMBER to activate again the TIME, in our FAQS playlist-2minsuspension


Play By Play

How to find and download the PlaybyPlay for your personal database and analysis in our FAQS playlist-playbyplay

LIVE statistics

Discover all the different tabs under our LIVE statistics (top right from the game) on our following video in FAQS playlist-LIVEStats

Game Reports (PDF)

After every game generates automatically for you a PDF report that give you the best overview and summary to prepare your next game. Follow the video in our FAQS playlist-PDFreport

My Dashboards

(available 14th october) Best feature ever! Your own database with statistics from your games, players and opponents. Create your digital database and do scouting with it. Following our video FAQS playlist-Dashboards

Spectators Link

You dont have time to register the game? No problem! Give access to your friend/young player/ delegate and he will send you the Spectators Link. Just with one tablet and LIVE you will get all the Advanced statistics in your hands! Following the next video in FAQS playlist-Spectatorlink

Integration with XPS Sideline Sports

How could be better? Take the CSV PlaybyPlay and integrate it on the XPS sideline sports to get your video cuted and prepare to present to your time. Save a lot of hours per week following the video in FAQS playlist-XPS