We were working really hard! But hard work pays off! After more than one year and half we have developed the best handball stats platform to help coaches IN LIVE!

Our goal is clear, we want to provide to all of you the best experience possible, helping you to use handball statistics and creating your digital database. Handball.ai its the best tool (integrated with XPS sideline sports) for any handball coach – professional or amateur -, elite club or federation.

We are a team of 6 people around the world (Germany, Spain, Costa Rica and Sweden) all of us passionate about handball! Manel Cirac – Founder – “We are coaches, players and lovers of our sport, we want to continue improving our sport, making it more professional and giving the benefits of the statistics for anybody. From the most advanced users until the ones that never used statistics”

After long time, it’s time to start to RUN and play!