Scouting Mode in

Your own statistics combined now with your video clips events. Tag your games using and get an upgrade to your account with the Scouting Mode

Stats & Video Combined

In we are giving to the coaches the chance to combine the best of our Advanced Statistics combining with their video clips. Now you will be able to compare players, teams and do your own scouting for your next talents.

Player Performance

> Last Games Played 
> Game System 
> Defense & Offense Events
> Possession Team/Player
> Full PlayByPlay of the Player 

Team Performance

> Team Possessions
> Connection & Goals 
> Last Games 
< Shooting Positions
> Execution Positions 

Compare Players & Scout Teams

Compare Statistics and Video Clips, from players from other teams, same team, with different positions or same positions. Being able to select 1 or more than one game.