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In a couple of minutes you have your account created, you just need to go to select your account and the page will bring you to an easy onboard customer process.

Types of Account

We have 4 types of account; one for free with a limited options -perfect to test and see how easy is to register events -. Coach version, with the basis of any handball coach. Team, perfect for more advanced requirements and with the integration of advanced statistics and Dashboards. Club, the best option and most economic one! 3 Team accounts inside your profile for the less than the COACH version.

Game Reports (PDF)

After every game you are able to download a PDF with all the information that you registered, perfect for the postgame and to prepare the next game. 

Advanced Statistics

Player Score, Handball Performance Index, Lost Balls %, Shooting %, %offense , %defense, Superiority, Inferiority, The best Seven on the field, Pace…and much more!

Can I try it for free?

Of course! You need to test it and check the different features. Just that your profile will be limited with few different options. We will always keep this FREE account. 

Why I need

Statistics IN LIVE, Creation of your own digital players data base, helping cut yourvideos thanks to the XPS sportline integration, Scouting players from your league.

Spectators Link

Statistics IN LIVE to your tablet. Once you create the game, a pop-up will appear with a link. You can share that link to whoever you want (coaches, spectators, friends, social networks). Perfect if you are a coach that have one person at the tribune registering your events and you have a tablet on your bench. You will be able to see all the statistics without registering a single event. 

What is this CLUB account?

Being Honest, its the cheaper account. This account containts 3 Team account for less than one COACH account. We are helping 3 teams to work with All the best features in one simple account

Can I cancel my account?

We have options to pay every month, if you want, we can offer as well a yearly payment. You can cancel whenever you want, be aware that you will lose all your data. 

Integration with XPS Sideline Sports

Thanks to our feature inside the PlayByPlay, you are able to cut the videos automatically. You dont need to seat in front of the computer watching videos, again. Everything will be done from

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