The EHF Scientific Conference brings together professional, scientific experts and handball lovers to reflect on various aspects of professional and semiprofessional handball, but also to continue gathering knowledge about medical and socio-economical aspects of the sport. Together with new technologies and new strategies. In our case, handball stats, statistics in handball and advanced stats in handball.

Quoting from the EHF “Special emphasis at this year’s edition is put on digitisation to discuss and elaborate the importance of technologies in sport and educational services, especially in handball, the potential it offers in defined areas and how to utilise it efficiently for handball” always present helping coaches with the handball statistics and handball stats.

The topics covered in this year’s conference:

  • coaching-related topics
  • prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition, mental treatment
  • socio-economical aspects of sports, in particular handball (during the pandemic)
  • grassroots handball

Are you interested to see the full schedule, take a look on that link with the full post is also present in the event! We will be online November 4th at 10.30, on these 15minutes we will go step by step showing the complete platform. Glad and honoured to has the chance the present to all of you!