Last week was really intensive for the Team!

Updates on the Platform:

  • Real time calculation of the TIME and % Efficacy of the player (now you are able to see this without go to Stats) Now you can see your handball stats of your players in live.
  • You can work 99% of the time without internet. You just need to create the game and after you can switch off completely internet. Perfect for the stadiums or bad connection, you cant continue taking your stats in your handball app.
  • We gave the opportunity to the user to increase the number of player from 16 to 18 for every account. Now you can incorporate the handball statistics from your youth players.

After the hangover from the Handball Online Kongress:

  • First time introduction in german! Big success and all the team is proud of this development. To continue providing handball statistics to our german trainers.
  • First contact with professional teams to incorporate in his process.
  • Our testing weekend with our National Teams worked really good! We got a lot of good feedback with improvements and further features to incorporate in

Christmas Gift:

  • Working with our partners to provide you with a lot of video exercises to complement your handball statistics. Perfect to apply your handball stats in your handball trainings.

Are you planing to incorporate a Handball Stats App in your daily work? Would you like to understand better the handball statistics?

Let us know and lets drink a coffee in a zoom call! 😉