Today we are talking with….Haritz Salvadó, 26 years old, 1st season at Wisla Plock, injury readaptor and assistant trainer.

What do you think about the application?
For us, having data during the match and post-match is essential when making decisions both during the matches and to prepare for later matches. In this sense, the app seems to us a very useful application that covers these needs and that offers us the data in a very clear and fast way.

Tell us a little about the fact of collecting the events in real time?
It is true that it is something that at the beginning needs practice but it becomes even fun. It is a challenge that requires a lot of concentration during the 60 minutes. The downtime is appreciated!

Do you find it useful in the Polish league?
I think the app can be useful in any league in the world. In the case of the Polish league, I think it is something that can help us in the future to have more data on rival teams, being able to cut more matches in less time and therefore handle more data.

How do you use it to prepare the match?
Currently we use a part of the app to obtain very specific data that we use to prepare the next match. It is especially useful to know how we are going to plan it. The possibility of choosing between the different cut matches and the speed with which the app presents the data is great.

Would you like to try great! You have 1 week FREE trial!

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