– Add Goalkeeper position in the PDF of the Game, on that way you are able to see the performance of your Handball Goalkeeper stats.

– New Quick Stats view, easier and more visual. See your Handball statistics in Live, visual and simple.

– Inside Quick Stats: New Players Events per blocks of time with icons, perfect for live handball games

– Game system: Create your own actions and game openings (1,23, Vezprem, Yugo, Islandia….) Analyze which its your best game opening action in offense. Check your team and discover your handball statistics in live

– Download PDF for every player individually, improvements of speed and adding shooting positions. Handball statistics in just one PDF. All the information of your handball game 1 second far away.

– General Bug Fixing on the stats view and my dashboards to make the handball events and handball stats easier for you to manage.

– Improvement from the quality of events tagging.

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