Feedback from our first national coach to use and request changes in to improve the handball stats.

  1. Tell us a little bit about how it is to collect the events in real time?

    Very important thing for me in collecting events in real time is observe the players performance which helps in making changes and making decisions, also informations about distribution of goals in particular sectors, both for my team and opponents helps in changing strategy during the game. I think the most useful thing is the report that i get on the half time that allows me to make very important changes in very short time. The final report allows you to easily summarise the game of the team and individual players.

  2. Do you find it useful in the Polish league?

    Some of my colleagues in the national team and in Poland, are using already are very satisfied and find it very useful to analyse handball games and handball statistics

  3. How do you use it to prepare for the match?

    First of all very important are general statistics – style of play of the opponent, distribution of goals and effectiveness. Individual statistics of each opponent player are also very helpful.
    At the end most important things are presented to the team thanks to reports that i can generate in my dashboard.

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