Recently we celebrated our first year! That was a big success for our team and we wanted to give back some new features to our customers. Should we do it alone……?

….For sure not! We asked many of our customers, handball coaches, handball statistics experts, handball analyst and all of them provide a golden feedback!

Find a quick video of what the new design brings you:

We improve the design on the “COACHING ZONE”, now you can easy see all your players and your league within a quick look. You have the chance to add a picture of your player and your team.

On top of that, we have improved the section to create a HANDBALL GAME, that will allow you to easier select with game and type of game you want to analyse.

Furthermore, in advanced statistics, now you can see all the handball stats that a handball coach need. All the handball player statistics are visible in few different tabs, from individual and collective point of view. Together with a summary of the different statistics of handball teams.

Finally, our new PDF report will give you in a new design as well, all the handball statistics collected.

Would you like to try the new design…FOR FREE? Check it out

Stay tuned, more and better its coming this 2023!