Who is Kristinn Björgúlfsson? I played 9 years as a professional, I have the Mastercoach Lisence, and I work for Kadetten and the Netherlands National men’s team as a Video Analyst and Handball statistics with handball.ai. After training IR A-team in Iceland for 2 years I wanted to go more into analysis and the background work.

1) What do you think about the handball.ai application?
I absolutely love it. Finally there is a tool that has all-in-one.

2) Tell us a little about the fact of collecting the events in real time?
For coaches to be able to get real statistics during the game, and being able to show the players, how things are at halftime is a great advantage. Handball has been developing a lot the last years, and handball.ai is the best development for us that are working behind the scene.

3) Which information its useful for you? and how helps your teams?
The breakdown of everything. played minuets of each player. How goals are scored and the fact you can show the players how things went during the game. Makes easier to show the handball statistics to a handball coach
For preparation it helps a lot when I can point out the key moments. For my work for The Netherlands it is very good that I can point out how many times they play each system and how many goals the make from each one. Useful to be able to say, just let them play this one, we know that they only score 20% of the time they play that system. You can always show the handball statistics using the PDF lives or going to My Dashboards.

4) How do you use it to prepare the match?
If I´m looking at us, I collect all data. How many times we loose the ball during counter attack, and so on.
When I´m looking at the opponent, I take some time to see how many minuets the best players are playing, and when they are on a break on the bench. Try to find out if there is a pattern.

5) Integration with XPS SidelineSports and usage, how do you work with?
Very simple and easy to use. Just a few clicks and you have all the clips. I advise everyone to use the handball.ai formula. You can analyse handball games, create handball statistics and send them over to your players.

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