New feature coming in the middle of 2023…..

….The scouting mode in – take a look in less than 1 minute!

The Scouting Mode! Now you can analyse all your games, not just for statistics also from he videos that you upload.

Create a match, upload a video and on the same time that you are analysing the match the video it’s going to be tracked and placed in your Scouting Mode account.

Now you are able to review all the events, not just from statistic point of view, also with the video. Create Playlist, Watchlist, Send your clips to XPS Network and download the clips for your players and team.

Individual Performance
1. Last Games
2. Advanced Statistics
3. Video analysis
4. Defense and Offense system
5. Game system

Team Performance
1. Advanced statistics with videos
2. Game system
3. Player’s table with the full events

You can compare players and also different teams. Same position, same team, your opponent best scorer, your best line player….

If you would like to do your own Search you can do it! You can search whatever you want inside the application with Scouting Mode. Handball statistics now with Handball clips and videos.

Feel free to visit the website and discover the Scouting Mode +, starting from 640€/Year.

Disclaimer: does not own the videos, unless that the same user (alias owner of the account) upload them into the server for their analysis. Then we might be using the clips for analysis and study purposes. If you would like more information or delete your content/media please let us know at [email protected]